6 Tips Need To Know Before Dating A Trans Woman

    Post on Oct 12. 2017 | Written by datingatranswoman.com
how to date trans women

It's an excellent thing when you successfully set up dating a trans woman on website or offline, whenever, you are so lucky to do that. There are, however, some problems you may encouter when you start to dating a trans woman. Your plans will end up with failure if you treat them as something unimportant. For helping someone dating a trans woman, we list 6 tips before it happens. Read on it detaily.

#1 Don't make me become your teacher 24/7.

The most cis men always tend to ask questions which are bad for a trans woman during the date. For example, once we have known each other and he ask me if I have done transgender surgery before becoming a transgender. I think this is my personal question, if I'm willing to tell you, which means I trust you. Asking me what's the different between cross dresser and transgender makes me feel like i'm your text book. I think that you should read the related imformation about transgender on Wikipedia before you dating a transgender.

#2 Don't treat all trans women as porn star

Fantasies of treating a trans woman as porn star is all too aften directed by many cis men. The cis men invited some trans women to shoot a porn video for meeting some erotic's sexual fantasies to make money. In fact, there is not absoluted relationship between transgender and porn. Of course, while you might see a lot of trans porn stars labeling themselves that way, they are just want to make money, so keeping in mind that not all trans woman love porn.

#3 Yes, I have a good educational background

I have remenbered one thing that a guy was surprised to hear that I graduated from a four-year college when he communicated with me. Don't think that all trans women come from broken and batterd homes and have no eduactional background. A thing need to know before you dating a trans woman. Becoming a trans woman is an attitude we choose our life instead of being forced by choice. So being a trans women don't mean that we have no educational background.

#4 Don't compare me to cis women

A topic that cis women is "normal" and "regular" should be prohibited when you dating a trans woman. You should know we are not and never be cis women when the term of "transgender" appearing, trans women are ultimately trans women. This the reason why we want to become trans women instead of cis women. So don't compare a trans woman to a cis woman when you start to dating a trans woman.

#5 Dating a trans woman doesn't mean you are gay

Dating a trans woman is ultimately dating a trans woman, not a man. Sure we were born boys and even some of us have the same genitals, but, there is more to a relationship than just your sexual slave or junk. Of couse we still desire to find our real love with men, no matter who they are cis men or trans men, which means we love each other instead of labeling them as gays. Keep in mind, love is love, don't add any impurities in love.

#6 We need one date before I let you in my bedroom

We are trans women, and not prostitutes. We need one date before having sex instead of many times because we are looking for love partner and not just sex partners. And we will get to know each other further through one real offline dating, not limited to dating trans women site.

Are you ready to dating a trans woman after reading the above 6 tips. Simple to say, respect transgenders and treat us as normal people. Now start to find local transgenders on our official site: http://www.datingatranswoman.com.

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