FAQ In Trans Woman Dating

Q: What is a trans girl ?

A: Tans girl is the term of transgender girl who was assigned male at birth. Then she has changed her sexual from male to female through surgery. Trans girls hope get more care and attention from other instead of prejudice and bad imagine as the internet.

Q: Is it possible that straight woman dating a transwoman ?

A: Anything is possible in datingatranswoman.com. We welcome all transgenders and others who like trans woman to join us and have a nice trans woman dating. Therefore, if you are a straight woman and want to dating a transwoman, you need respect transgenders and like transwomen. Thus, you can dating a trans woman on the site.

Q: How to find a trans woman ?

A: It's easy to find a trans woman. First, you should view the above fisrt question and feagure out what is a trans girl. Second, back to Dating A Trans Woman and sign up. Filling out the form according to the prompt and add up you photo on your profile, then start to date your trans woman.

Q: What can I do if a trans woman refused to date with me.

A: If a trans woman refused to date with you, you should think a thought, what's wrong I made. Checking whether you said some words insulting trans women or whether you tag some bad labels to transgender on your profile. If you really did, now removing them. Then you are really not attractive to the trans woman, so you should dating another trans woman.

Q: Why the site lets me choose bi or bi-curious option when I start to sign up ?

A: To cater to the needs of some bisexual people looking for trans woman, so we designed the program. If you a transgender, you can choose bi-curious and start to dating a trans girl. We promise you can date a trans girl and have a nice and real trans dating in the site.

Q: Why I can't log in my account ?

A: If you find your account not working suddenly, please check out whether your network didn't work at all or IP is changed because of VPN, then get the well network and change another VPN. If it still didn't work, you can send message to our Custom Service, of course, you can contact us by Email on the section of Contact Us.