Candice And Daisy - A Trans Woman Dating

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trans woman dating

I never expected to have a trans woman dating before I signed up for I was very apprehensive about dating another trans woman. Is is possible to match me with the right partner through online communications? However I told myself why don't try it? Then I signed up. There are so many trans woman, so many were so far away, and many didn't match me completely. Then I spent one week on looking for a trans woman on the dating transwomen site. Fortunately I got it and find a beautiful trans woman, but was she my perfect match? In here this only way to known was to communmicate with her. So I decide to start a trans woman dating and communicate with her on Jun 15th, 2016.

I'll never forget the this date that brightened my life for meeting the trans woman who is my soulmate.I was matched with Daisy on Jun 14th, and I knew the charming trans woman was my perfect match. I had to seize the rare chance, she was so important for me in my life.

I was going to Philadelphia on Jun 28th for one week, so I though I may wait util I return to meet Daisy, however she told me that she want to see me on Jun 23. I agreed with her and ready to give her a surprise before this day. On Jun 22th, I met her that gave her a hug. She was so pleasantly surprised and happy for my arrival. Then we met for film and dinner. That was the night, the light shone over the room and sprinkled on her face, she was so charming at this moment, I can't image that she was ever a man, the trans woman make me fascinated at this night. Then we kissed and do sex. Finally we made the date that celebrating our union the 22th of every month.

On Jun 22th this year, Daisy surprised me with a commitment ring. It is this day that we celebrated Anniversary that was so special for us. I could't say with the word how happy I was. At this day I knew Daisy is so wonderful trans woman and important to me. My family and friends told me that I have transform from unhappy individual to a men ecstatice about love that all due to the caring trans woman. I thank her every day for her love. And we decided to want a little baby through surrogacy. At the last I have to thank for the opportunity to let us meet and give me a new life.

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