The Most Famous Top 10 Trans Woman In The World

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They are the most famous trans woman, they are the real goddess of freedom. They did't agree with the gender at birth and trans them from male to female. More importantly they are the famous trans woman in the world. Are you interested in knowing who they are and their success secreats? Start to read now!

Top 1 Claudia Charriez - The queen of trans woman

She has the pretty appearance of female, the famous supermodel who is active in the fashion industry, it's difficult to think of her is a trans woman. In 2008,she was forbidden to perform by The United States "national supermodel contest" reality show, however she won the "American Transgender Supermodel Competition" in 2009. It's no doubt that she is the queen of trans woman. Recently Taylor Murphy, her boyfriend starts the trans woman dating with her.

Top 2 Lea.T

Lea.T is very popupar trans woman, the 20th century, 80 years legendary Brazilian star Serezo son, not interested in women's fashion, instead of football at the childhood. Then she complete the simple surgery to change her gender from male to female. Now she is the most famous model in fashion circle, boarded the "Vogue" magazine. Now she is more popular in Europe fashion cirle, the same as her father in football at the that time. But for the act of son, Serezo can not accept it.

top 3 Malika

She is the first trans woman from India who took part in "Ladyboy Queen" organized by Thailand. In order to become a trans woman, she did four large-scale transsexual surgery and numerous small plastic transsexual surgery.

Top 4 Roberta Close

Roberta Close is called the most famous trans woman in Latin world at one time (and perhaps still). She was the first trans woman who boarded the Brazillian version of "Playboy" Magazine.

Top 5 Caroline "Tula" Cossey

She is one of the most famous model as a trans woman, having already played a role in the 007 series of films "dawn". Apart from this, she pushed the autobiography named "I'm a woman", which recorded her life of MTF.

Top 6 Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Ladyboy is absolutely popular in Thailand, the specialty too. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn won the newest world's champion in "Ladyboy Queen" for hot body and charming face, maybe many woman will be jealous of her.

Top 7 Florencia De La V

She is the Argentine television star, 2006 Argentina veteran television program "dance king war" champion. She become the famous actor after successfully becoming a trans woman , and married with a man, through the surrogate to become the mother of two children.

Top 8 Chamila Asanka

Chamila Asanka is the most famous actor as a trans woman in Sri Lankan. She is an up-and-comer in the world fashion industry. In 2011, she also took part in the competition "Ladyboy Queen".

Top 9 Isis King

She became famous as a trans woman in the United States famous reality show "national supermodel contest", because of her unique temperament and expressive, concerned.

Top 10 Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic is today's the most popular trans woman, across the "men and women" alternative Australian supermodel. Endorsement of women's underwear, selected British "fashion men" "2011 the world's most sexy woman Top 100", "men and women take-all" he has gone beyond the "pseudo- mother" realm, creating a new term for the fashion industry - "no gender Supermodel".

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